Louise Charlier

A new and holistic approach
to the product

In my mind, the designer is the link between industry, the product and the user.
The solutions I provide, therefore, are industrially feasible, functional and contemporary.

My approach goes beyond simple aesthetic pursuit.
The products I develop reflect what they really are and express the function they fulfil.
I always look for simple solutions because I believe they are the strongest, the most beautiful and the most enduring.

I place great focus on the end product and its finish. Detail gives the product that indefinable something that will make all the difference.

designer recognized by :

design vlaanderen

career history

I have been submerged in a world of design since childhood, so it was quite natural for me to train as a designer.
After my studies I built up substantial experience, in Belgium and abroad, because I wanted to learn about different types of design (product design, furniture design, environmental design and graphic design).
I got the opportunity to discover how design works in practice, firstly through agencies, by joining teams of freelance designers, and also by working as an in-house designer at manufacturers.
I joined the family agency Médiane at the start of 2010 to launch the industrial design business. Here, I have developed my own products and acquired experience as well as my first industrial customers.
I have also landed my first projects as an external consultant for Belgian industries.

Since January 2015

2010 - 2014

  • Permanent job at Médiane, communication agency
    Launched the industrial design department:
    • development of own projects (Table 4U - Bikok - Kite) and marketing via industrial and commercial partners
    • Product Development as external consultant for Belgian companies
    Creative direction of the communication department (since January 2013)

2010 - 2011

  • «Creation and Growth» management training at Solvay Brussels Business School :
    creation, development and management of SMEs


  • Fixed-term contract at Gandia Blasco - outdoor furniture manufacturer (Valencia, Spain)


  • Internship at Stûv - Belgian wood burning fireplace manufacturer
  • Fixed-term contract at Agua - town planning and landscaping agency


  • Erasmus student at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences - Institute of Design (Finland)
    Developed Bikok

2002 - 2007

  • Studied Industrial Design at l’Ensav La Cambre (Brussels)
    1st class honours (for Bikok)

competitions and prizes


  • Dynamo Belgian Young Design Awards
    Vitra and Sofam design prizes for the Table 4U, Paonne and Bikok
  • Design & Bois competition at the Bois & Habitat trade show
    1st prize in the professional designers category for the table 4U


  • Tremplin Exhibition 2007 - Mons
    World Crafts Council prize - French-speaking community of Belgium, for the Bikok project